It rhymes with lust


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Overview In 1950, writers Arnold Drake and Leslie Waller, both attending college on the G.I. Bill, envisioned a sophisticated, novel-length comic tailored to their peers. Collaborating with comic art master Matt Baker, known for singularly defining the genre of "good girl art" on titles such as Phantom Lady, they crafted a film-noir inspired masterwork of romance, intrigue, and moral relativity. When cynical newspaperman Hal Weber reunites with old flame Rust Masson, he finds the beguiling widow of a mining magnate willing to do anything to undermine the local political machine — her only opponent for total control of Copper City! Advertising Editorial Reviews Library Journal Originally published in 1950 as the first of only two books in St. John Publications' short-lived black-and-white "Picture Novels" series for adults, this pulpy tale of greed, intrigue, and corruption now stands as a pioneering early graphic novel. Down-and-out newspaperman Hal Weber is summoned to Copper City by Rust, a woman who left him ten years before, only to discover that she is now the unmourning widow of wealthy and corrupt business and political boss Buck Masson. Set up by the scheming, cold, and seductive Rust as editor of a paper that supposedly opposes the Masson organization but is secretly owned by it, Hal becomes her pawn in a power struggle for control of the Masson machine. But Rust's idealistic stepdaughter Audrey opposes all that Rust stands for and makes her own appeal to Hal, who falls for her. Torn between two women's charms, Hal must decide which path to take. With crime drama, gorgeous women (courtesy of artist Baker), and unconvincing emotional flip-flops on the parts of Hal and Audrey, this plays like a B-movie on paper, with melodramatic captions taking the place of swelling music. It's more curio than classic, but comics historians will welcome this reissue. —S.R.

Title: It rhymes with lust


Illustrator: Amy Arendts

Categories: graphic Novel,

Publisher: Dark Horse Books: 2007

ISBN Number: 1593077289

ISBN Number 13: 9781593077280

Book Condition: in excellent, mild been read wear.

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